Selkirk Judo Club

Balmoral Open Judo Tournament -  March 25, 2017

Sixteen fighters from the Selkirk Judo Club competed at the Balmoral Open Judo Tournament held at Stonewall Collegiate on March 25.  The Club finished with four gold, five silver and five bronze medals. 

Winning gold medals were:

Sarah Ekosky in U14 Girls under 52 kg
Justin Ekosky in U18 Men under 73 kg
Damien Ekosky in U21 Men under 81 kg
Jzraelyne Kopp in U14 Girls under 44 kg

Silver medals went to:

Schaelyce Kopp in U18 under 57 kg
Aaron Haak in U18 Men under 81 kg
Brody Malinowski in U14 Boys under 60 kg
Bailey Malinowski in U18 Men under 73 kg
Matthew Parobec in U16 Men under 50 kg

Winning bronze were:

Danny Ekosky in U12 Boys under 50 kg
Logan MacFarlane in U16 Men under 50 kg
Lachlan Patton in U12 under 33 kg
Ryder Wilson in U12 under 33 kg
Hannah Grobb in U12 over 55 kg