Selkirk Judo Club

Inner City Open Judo Tournament

Twenty four fighters from the Selkirk Judo Club competed at the annual Inner City Open Judo Tournament at Tec Voc High School in Winnipeg on February 1.  The tournament drew almost 200 entries from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.  The Club finished with nine gold, eight silver and four bronze medals.

Selkirk results were:


-30 kg                     2nd      Jzraelyne Kopp

-36 kg                     1st      Sarah Ekosky

3rd      Brookelyn McKae

-36 kg                     1st      Ben Penner

-45 +45 Combined   1st      Lennon Kuch

U14 Male

-34 kg                     2nd      Brandon Berard

-38 kg                     1st       Loki Johnson

-42, -46 Combined  3rd      Bailey Malinoski

-50 kg                     1st      Justin Ekosky

-55 kg                     2nd      Michael Popovic

U14 Female

-32 -36 Combined   1st      Jillian Berard

-40 -44 Combined   2nd      Bronwyn Morissette-Cooper

-57 kg                     2nd      Teighlyn Kopp

U16 Male

-50 -55 Combined   2nd      Aaron Haak

-60 kg                     1st      Damien Ekosky

+73 kg                    1st      Joseph Kuch

U16 Female

-48 kg                     2nd      Lauryn Kolada

-44 kg                     3rd      Schaelyce Kopp

U18 Male

-55 kg                     1st      Tanner Onagi

+90 kg                    2nd      Joey Kuch

Senior Men Advanced

-73 kg                     3rd      Franklin Martin

“We are finishing a span of 3 tournaments in 3 weeks, and our team turned in another great performance at the Inner City Open.  The Inner City Open is the largest Manitoba tournament and our team showed excellent effort against some tough competition,” said one of club’s coaches, Brian Jones.