Selkirk Judo Club

2011 Balmoral Open Judo Tournament

Seventeen members of the Selkirk Judo Club competed at the Balmoral Open Judo tournament held at the Stonewall Collegiate on March 26, 2011.  The Club returned with 4 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals. 

Medal winners were:


Riley Malinowski

Juvenile Men (under 15 yrs) under 42 kg

Damien Ekosky

Boys (under 13 yrs) over 42 kg

Justin Ekosky

Boys (under 11 yrs) over 36 kg

Jon Cooper

Senior Men Advanced under 73 kg


Lauryn Kolada

Girls (under 13 yrs) under 36 kg

Bailey Malinowski

Boys (under 11 yrs) under 36 kg

Joey Kuch

Boys (under 13 yrs) over 42 kg

Brandon Berard

Boys (under 11 yrs) under 25 kg

Brandyn Cassidy

Senior Men Novice over 73 kg

Julien Mitchell

Senior Men Advanced over 73 kg


Katie Simko

Girls (under 13 yrs) under 36 kg

Melissa Haak

Juvenile Women (under 15 yrs) under 57 kg

Aaron Haak

Boys (under 13 yrs) under 38 kg

Franklin Martin

Senior Men Novice over 73 kg

Bronwyn Morissette-Cooper

Girls (under 11 yrs) under 25 kg

Among the gold medallists, Damien Ekosky (11 years old, green belt) won all 4 of his matches to collect his 5th straight gold medal of the season.  Riley Malinowski (12, green belt) finished with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss and won his second straight gold medal.  Justin Ekosky (10, orange belt) also collected his second gold medal of the year.  Jonathan Cooper, one of the club’s black belt coaches, finished undefeated with 3 wins to earn gold.